Where can I buy your books?

If you like my blog, you will like The Jane Journals. I basically took all of Jane Austen's characters, put them in a modern Northern California prep school, and made them write in journals. It was ridiculously fun to write.

It's currently available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, BooksandThings.com, BooksaMillion.com, Walmart.com, and lots of other online bookstores.

If you're LDS and looking for resources for Primary age children, you'll want to check out my other books too.

a Book of Mormon counting board book

For more Primary help, check out my newest book Tiny Talks: Choose the Right. This helpful resource for sharing time and family night goes right along with the theme for 2017 and includes talks, scriptures, stories, activities, lessons, and a sample outline for the annual primary program in Sacrament meeting.

You can find Time to Share and previous titles in the Tiny Talks series at Deseret Book, Seagull Bookstores, at the BYU bookstore, and at your favorite local LDS independent retailer.

The series is also available online at Amazon.comBarnesandNoble.comBooksandThings.comCedarFort.comDeseretBook.com, and LDSBookstore.com.

Thanks so much for your support!!

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