Monday, February 10, 2014

Question: What Is this Blog and Why Are You Resurrecting It?

I feel like I need to be upfront about something. I just want to get this out there, right at the onset.

I do not like blogs.

Then why are you writing one, Heidi?

Well, to be completely honest, my publisher said to me, write a blog because you are an author and you need to start acting like one or we will stop publishing your books. My publisher is right: if I want to keep thinking of myself as an author, I should start acting like one. And since I do want to keep thinking of myself as an author, and since having a book come out every year certainly helps with that . . . I am writing a blog.

But I also want to be upfront about what this blog will and will not contain. For one thing it won't be all about my books and writing. I just wouldn't have enough to say about that. I'll mention my books, of course, but I can't promise to talk about that side of my life in every post. The truth is, my life consists of lots of different elements melded together into a semi-cohesive whole, and Tiny Talks is only one of those elements.

There's also...

     - Tiny houses, which I can't wait to talk about because they're so awesome
     - my social life (and lack thereof)
     - the fact that I've never had a credit card
     - my creative process as a writer
     - why I quit my job in publishing and started babysitting for a living
     - how much I love the ocean and being outside
     - TV shows I get addicted to
     - grammar, spelling, and punctuation peeves
     - my bike, a big pink beach cruiser named Daphne
     - reflections on my religion
     - my advice on love (because I obviously know what I'm doing in this department)
     - whether or not sarcasm works in a cyber setting
     - why I feel obliged to make up terms like "cyber setting" just because this is a "blog" on the "interwebs"

Okay. I'm done listing things. The point is, if I'm going to write a blog, it's going to have to be about me. Like all of me. All the different elements that make up my life. And it's going to have to be brutally, ridiculously, and sometimes boringly honest because that's just how I am when I write to myself. And I do that a lot. I've been keeping a vomit-of-the-pen kind of journal for eleven years. You can see the evidence of all that journaling in the photo below. 

I know how to write to myself. What I don't know is how to let others in on that conversation. I guess I'm hoping that's something we can find out together.

Want to find out with me?

Well, here's your invitation. Welcome, world. I hereby invite you into my life.

The format of this blog is pretty straightforward. It's a question and answer process. If no one asks me any questions (highly likely since I doubt anyone will read this) I'll ask them myself. And then I'll answer them. So go ahead, ask me anything. I can't promise that I'll be able to give you a correct answer, but I can promise to be honest.

And now comes the part where I cross my fingers and hope this isn't a big mistake.

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