Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's so great about the DMV?

Folks, it has been a long week. And it's only Wednesday.

On Monday I said goodbye to my parents who had been visiting for the long weekend. I was sad to see them go, especially because while they were here, I'd had an excuse to not face all the boring mundane realities of my daily life. And I'd also had a really good excuse to actually leave work at a reasonable hour.

Since then? Not so much.

Exhibit A: Yesterday I was at work until 8:45 pm. That was thirteen hours. Granted, I took a break and came home for lunch, and part of that time I was actually off the clock, working on my own book, but still. Thirteen hours is a long time to spend in an office.

Exhibit B: Today I worked until 8:00 pm. Twelve hours. Minus the lunch break and another hour of running errands.

Speaking of which . . . I never thought I'd say this, but

Exhibit C: My most peaceful moments of today were spent at the DMV.

That's just wrong. I sound like such a boring grown up. When did that happen? Gross.

But seriously, it was really nice to get out of the office for a little while and wait in line not thinking about anything and knowing that while I was there no one could get to me and all of the emails I was avoiding would still be waiting when I got back.

I think it's quite clear I need to get out more.

Maybe tomorrow after work I'll go on a field trip to celebrate the fact that my car is actually properly licensed and insured and registered again. Go me! I have a serious aversion to paperwork, forms, and the like, so this is a much bigger accomplishment than it might seem.

But anyway, speaking of field trips, last week I went on a good one. I've always loved Hobble Creek Canyon, but nobody told me it would look so amazing when it was covered in snow!!

I think there's a "definish chance" (name that quote!) that I'm actually warming up to this whole winter thing. Maybe snow is cooler than I thought.

Get it? "Warming up"? "Cooler"?

Okay, sorry. I'm done now.

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