Monday, May 11, 2015

What's a blog tour?

Hey, guys! So a blog tour is this super cool thing where people from all around the internet review a book within the span of a week or two—in this case my book. It's kind of like a physical book tour, except that I don't actually get to go anywhere.

And while I usually like traveling, I'm pretty okay with skipping out on a traditional tour, since it means I have more time to sit at home and write (and by "write" I mean think about writing while really just watching Bones marathons on Netflix*). Anyway, today is the beginning of my first-ever blog tour, and I'm seriously stoked about it.

I'll be posting new links to all the reviews throughout the next couple of weeks. Hope you're all cool with that.

Here's the first one . . .


*This may or may not be an actual call for help. But really, I'm kind of addicted. And I have a first draft to write. Someone save me.

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