Saturday, September 12, 2015

Do you have any author-type events coming up?

So. Many.

Right now I live in constant fear that I won't remember all my author events. I really need to do a better job of putting stuff in my calendar or writing it down or something. Actually, that's what I'm doing in this post.

This is my attempt to tell you all about my plans for the next few weekends and tell myself at the same time, so that I won't forget to follow through.

And, here goes . . .

Next Saturday 9/19 - 1–4 pm - Authorpalooza! 

This is going to be amazing. So far I know of four other awesome author friends who are going to be there, and I'm sure there will be others too! I'm super excited!! In case you don't know, authorpalooza is an event with tons of local authors so you can come to one place and meet all your faves at the same time. It's so cool. I've been a few times as a fan, so I'm basically giddy over the fact that I now get to go sit on the other side of the table.

You can find out more about the event here:

Saturday 9/26 - 9–11 am - Brickyard Seagull in Salt Lake City

Come say hi at Celebrating Sisterhood at the Brickyard Seagull. I'll be there from 9 to 11 am signing books and hanging out. Plus apparently you can enter to win prizes and there are special deals during that time. All good things.

Then later that day it's . . .

COMIC CON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 9/26 - 2-5 pm - Salt Palace in Salt Lake City

Guys, I feel like I am going to be completely out of my element here, but I'm way jazzed about this. I have never been to a Comic Con in my life, but new experiences are always a good thing. Especially as a writer. I'm just going to have to put on my best Cate Morland face and pretend like I read a lot more vampire books than I actually do. But it'll be awesome. Seriously.

I'm not saying you should buy a ticket just to see me, but if you're already there, you should totally come check out the Cedar Fort author's booth. Plus, I'm selling the Jane Journals there for only $10 including tax, which is a pretty sweet deal if you've been thinking about buying it for a friend or something.

Then, as if this weren't already enough . . .

Saturday 10/3 - 6–8 pm - Deseret Book in Midvale

It's Ladies Night!!! This one should be super fun. And you should all come because you know you want to come play while the guys are still in conference!

Unless you're a girl at BYU because traditionally the priesthood session is when you pull some sort of prank on your crush's apartment while he and all his roommates are gone. (Not that I would know from personal experience or anything. Probably. Sh...)

Anyway, if you are a girl at BYU, you get a pass. But the rest of you should really come because it's going to be awesome!

- - -

And for all of my awesome friends and family who don't live in Utah, I wish you could all be there. Maybe you could come for conference? But if not, it's okay.

I was sort of hoping to do an author event in California sometime. I think I mentioned it to a few of you. But I put my plans for that on hold right now, so I'll just have to keep you posted.

Thanks for all your love and support, guys! I really hope to see you at one of these events. Or three. Or four. :) You know, if you want to become a Heidi the Author groupie that would really be just fine by me. I can't promise that it would pay well, but we would sure have a lot of fun together!


  1. Dear Heidi, I am currently reading "Liam Darcy, I Loathe You!", and love it. It is adorable. And noe I've been reading your blog and feel like we would be great friends. I mean, you love the West Wing, which is one of my all time favorite shows! Anyways, you seem awesome and thanks for writing a fun clean YA book. Those are seriously lacking these days. I've been writing on and off for the past few years as a fun hobby, and I hope to have my current work in progress get to the point someday of trying to get it published. Writing a book is challenging sometimes! Here's a question you can answer on this blog sometime if you need a post idea: what advice would you give those of us working on our first book? Sometimes I really need motivation! Once again, I'm glad I picked up your book at Desert Book and came to find your blog. Hopefully I can come to one of your author events and meet you!

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you're enjoying the book! Anyone who loves The West Wing is totally a friend for life. I would love to meet you someday, and I just found out I'll be doing some more signings in November and December this year, so stay tuned!

      Also, that is a great question! I will probably post an answer to it shortly. :) Happy reading! -HJD

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