Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are you excited that it's almost June?

Yes! I definitely very super totally and completely am.

Just listen to (er... well... read... I guess) all the cool stuff that's going to happen in June.

- I have a bunch of friends getting married, which is rad, and I'm totally excited for them.
- My family is coming to Utah for a family reunion in Park City/Midway. I love it when we do these family reunions. We've been going to the same spot for years and I always feel so peaceful there. I think it's all the memories of vacations gone by. They soothe me.
- I'm coming up on two months at my new job. To me, this fact is equal parts crazy and awesome. Or as I call it, crazawesome (pronounced more like croissant than craisin--just so you know). Have we discussed yet how I basically have my own language? Remind me sometime to tell you what a decin is.
- On the 8th, I will officially be six months away from turning thirty. Weird.
- I'm going to participate in my first 5K ever. Should be cool.
- I'm moving into my new apartment!!! :)
- And... hm... what else? Oh! I live in Utah now, which means June will likely include the first good thunderstorm of the year. Or possibly the last freak snowstorm of the year. Maybe both. You never really know.

I've also set my mid-year's resolutions already. I do that--set mid-year's resolutions, I mean. I don't really know why I started doing it, but I'm kind of addicted to goal-setting so I'll take any excuse I can get.

So here are some other things that are going to happen in June.

1. I'm going to the temple every week. Shouldn't be too hard. There are like a billion temples here.
2. I'm going on a 20 minute walk at least once a day. I'm going to try to do these in the morning, like from 6:40 to 7:00. I already did it today and yesterday and it's quite nice.
3. I'm going to write one nice note each day. I might end up posting them on facebook, rather than giving people a physical note. It will kind of depend on the feasibility of actually mailing notes to people. Or I may even text them sometimes. But I'll write and send or otherwise convey to the recipient at least one per day. I really miss doing this, and it's good for me to do it. Win/win.
4. I'm going to finish reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. I actually haven't been reading them; I've been listening to them in the car while I commute. And while I took that spontaneous road trip last weekend. That was awesome.

Well, I should probably get to bed so I can wake up early and go for my walk. :)

Oh, and there's one more resolution that I'm considering... I think... maybe... Okay. I'm writing it down, which means it will have to happen now.

5. I'm going to blog every day in June. Short entries. Nothing crazy. I just want to try it and see if I can do it. Plus, there are only thirty days in June. I can totally think of thirty random questions to answer, right?

Ha. I guess we'll see.

And to conclude... here is the view from my grandparents' vacation condo in Midway. Now you can see why I'm excited about this upcoming family reunion.

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