Monday, October 13, 2014

Was today a great day or what?

Um. No. It was totally not.

As you'll know if you spent any time in the same room as me at work today.

By 3:30 I was blasting Kongos in my headphones and violently popping bubble wrap as a stress reliever. Not even joking. Then I came home and screamed into my pillow for a few minutes.

After that things started getting better.

Exhibit A:


Seriously, though. My life is now complete.

Also, ten points to anyone who can name the person in the above image without consulting google.

Exhibit B:

My phone is currently playing the new Taylor Swift song on repeat. Out of the Woods. Pretty good stuff. This is what happens when you pre-order the album, people.

Do you like how I said that like I'm one of those people who frequently pre-orders albums? Instead of like a person who has only done it once ever. Totally worth it in this case, though. Normally I'd be hesitant to make that kind of a commitment without actually hearing the songs, but I'll happily bet my best buttons that I will love any album by Taylor Swift.

Exhibit C:

I've been wearing my PJs since 6:00 pm. This automatically equals a good day. Well, at least a good evening, even if the first part of the day was blech.

Anyway, let's not dwell on my negative day.

Instead, let's look at these pretty pictures of fall that I took in Wallsburg, Utah last week. If you've never been to Wallsburg, you should check it out sometime. Pretty cool place. I might decide to be buried there. Not anytime soon. I may have had a rough day, but it wasn't that bad.

I'm just saying, the cemetery is nice.

See for yourself.

My favorite thing about this last photo is that in 1939 there was still only one World War to be a veteran of.

Also, today marks 75 years since Elmer Wall died. I'm guessing that guy could've told some cool stories. This is why I like cemeteries. All of these people. All of their stories. There's so much life in a cemetery.

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