Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's the coolest thing about being an author?

Hands down, it's when you see the cover of your book for the first time.

Author signings are pretty cool too because you get to meet people and stuff, but that can be kind of intimidating.

That's why the best part for me is seeing a new cover. That's the moment when something just clicks and I suddenly realize that this idea I had in my head is about to become an actual physical thing that—for good or ill—the entire world will be able to read.

It's awesome. And terrifying. As all good things should be.

It's the moment at the top of the roller coaster when you realize there's really no going back now.

You're strapped in and you're about to be launched on a crazy adventure with twists and turns you won't see till you take them and an ending that will probably come way too soon. But then you'll get to do it again with your next book, and chances are you'll be just as terrified about that one too.

Do you like how I'm saying this like I'm a seasoned author and I know everything? I'm not. And I don't. The title of my blog is ironic. In case that wasn't clear.

I know, I know. I've written Tiny Talks for five years in a row now and that's cool. But that was like the kiddie coaster at the amusement park. At first it was scary but I'm used to it now. I'm taller than the clown's hand or whatever it is. But honestly, I'm not that much taller.

And on that note, I have big news about The Jane Journals. We've finally settled on a title! I don't know why it took so long for me and everyone helping me to come up with something that fits but I'm really happy with the final version.

And by "final" what I actual mean is, this title could still potentially change before the book comes out, but I really don't think that it will, so I'm going to tell you what it is now.

The series will be called: The Jane Journals at Pemberley Prep

And the first book is titled: I Loathe You, Liam Darcy

Like it? Me too. Or if you don't that's okay. You don't even have to like the book when it comes out. We can still be friends either way. But I hope you'll like the book, if you're into that sort of thing.

Anyway, another exciting thing that happened with The Jane Journals this week is that I got to see a preliminary cover. It was soooooo cool. I was almost speechless. Because it really was that top-of-the-roller-coaster moment, except this is a whole new ride for me. I'm not on Star Tours or The Haunted Mansion anymore. This is Space Mountain or The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Top Gun, for those who grew up in the Bay Area.

Funny story about Star Tours: The first time I went on that ride I was five and I was so scared I closed my eyes the entire time. My three-year-old brother loved it and he found a five-dollar bill under his seat. Life is so unfair as a kid.

Back to the Jane Journals. While I would love to be able to show you that cover, unfortunately I can't because it's not actually done yet.

But what I can show you is the never-before-seen brand-spanking-new front cover of Tiny Talks vol. 15!!!


Of course all credit goes to Corey Egbert for the illustrations and Shawnda Craig for putting the whole thing together. I'm so lucky to have such talented people making me look good. If either of you read this, thanks!

And even though Tiny Talks isn't a scary amusement park ride to me anymore, I'm really excited for this book to come out. I'm excited for other people to read it and I hope it helps kids and families.

It should be back from the printer in just a few weeks and it's already available for pre-order on Amazon and other online places. I want it to be clear that I'm not encouraging you to shop on Sunday. That's against my religion. I'm just informing you of your options so that tomorrow or whenever, you can think about it.

Want to know what the least cool thing about being an author is? When you have to talk about how cool you are and ask people to buy the stuff you write. So lame. But it's part of the job, I guess.

Happy Sabbath, everyone! I hope you're enjoying some quiet time with friends or family. That's what I plan to do today.

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