Friday, June 20, 2014

Where are you right now?

Right now I am sitting in a big fluffy bed, doing something I never do anymore--watching reality TV.

It's awesome!

Here's what happened. . . . 

My dad is flying into town for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. And it's a secret. Nobody knows he's coming except me. Well, and my mom and my family back in California. But anyway, don't tell anyone.

And since it's a secret, and since he's going to meet with some of his business associates tomorrow, he got a hotel room instead of staying at my grandparents' house. (They live up by the university.)

But then my dad's flight got cancelled so he had to get a different one. And now I'm just hanging out here in the room, all aloney on my owney, until he gets here.

That's right, folks. This blog is brought to you by the Salt Lake City Sheraton.

I love hotels! They're so clean and anonymous. I could be anyone I want here and I'll never see these people again, so it really doesn't matter. That's how I always feel when I'm on vacation.

Also my dad used his Cool Points to get us a room on the eighth floor and there are big huge windows looking out onto the city and a balcony.

Life is good, friends.

And it gets better! 

Because tomorrow night I'll be staying in Midway at my grandparents' vacation timeshare. I'm feeling pretty spoiled this weekend.

Aside from enjoying my mini-stay-cation and some quality family activities, I'm also planning to spend lots of time writing this weekend. I am really, really excited about that.

But first, let me get back to my reality TV. . .

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